Nimbus Student Body

At Nimbus School of Recording & Media, we like to hear from our student body on a regular basis. Students elect a representative each term who acts as a liaison between the student association and the Nimbus administration. The Student rep holds monthly student meetings where students get to have their say. Everything from suggestions for new gear to how we stock the vending machines.

The Nimbus student community has a fun side to it and enjoys planning trips, events and dinners from time to time. These have included ski trips, camping, ping pong, and Thanksgiving dinner, as well as supporting one another at each other's shows around town. They've even put on their own Nimbus students' concert.

It is a common theme that students who come to Nimbus revel in the opportunity to meet new friends and collaborators. They build relationships that continue well beyond graduation and take them into their careers with a strong network of peers.

Nimbus not only offers hands-on training in real industry settings, but also has an internal ecosystem based around our own student currency, the Nimbuck. Having this in place encourages students to live, communicate and create opportunities in line with how negotiations work in the real industry. Nimbus School is designed to be a music industry playground where learning is top-notch, in that it equips every student for the real world from Day One!

Nimbus School of Recording & Media is a frequent partner in the local music industry, involved with real artists, real projects, in real industry venues. Volunteer opportunities to get real world experience are always available.

This has included opportunities like, joining the Nimbus Staff at FVDED in the Park, MonsterCat Compound Party, Project Wild, Battle of the Bands, Camp Goodtimes, and various professional recording sessions.

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Classes start January 6, 2020

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