Inclusivity At Nimbus

Music Has No Borders       
Inclusivity plays a vital part of Nimbus School of Recording & Media. Nimbus is a vibrant, creative community, and a home to people from all walks of life, from all over the world.  At Nimbus we believe in inclusivity, diversity and equity for all our students, in fact, for anyone who gets involved with Nimbus. 

At Nimbus we believe that music has no boundaries, that music is welcoming and accepting. We exist to change lives through music, and so we strive to be sure every individual feels welcomed and has a strong sense of inclusion.

Everyone Matters:
With inclusivity in mind, Nimbus is committed to maintaining a safe environment for students and staff. To that end, we supply our students and staff with a security FOB, and photo ID.  We have staff on duty 24/7 and our team of technicians monitor the school's environment and are well briefed on Nimbus policy as it relates to concerns of any bad behaviour. We have a strict policy that prohibits alcohol and illicit substances in the school and studio at all times.   

Nimbus is adamant about keeping the school a safe place for students to make music, collaborate, feel inspired, and create fun memories, all while having a great time producing amazing recordings!

Parents Welcome
If music is the backbone of Nimbus, the students are the heartbeat. Nimbus understands the importance of a supportive environment to help students flourish.  We get that it takes a community of instructors, staff and parents and family to come together and play a role in each student's success. 

With this in mind, Nimbus' support for inclusivity welcomes all the parents. Ninbus encourages that students have parents visit and be as involved as they wish.  From touring the facilities, to joining in on the Nimbus events, workshops and checking in, Nimbus invites family to be part of a student's musical journey.  

We've put together some helpful information for parents to gain a better idea of what Nimbus is all about. Check it out here...

Info for Parents

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Classes start January 6, 2020

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