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Program Overview

The Post Production & Game Audio Program focuses on the technology and techniques used in the creation and implementation of audio for film, television and gaming. The five core components included are: dialogue, sound design, audio capturing, integration and mixing. The topic of dialogue covers location recording, automatic dialogue replacement and standard editing practices. In the sound design and audio capturing topics, you will learn how a detailed and immersive auditory environment can enhance a visual experience, and through lab work and mentorship will gain experience in recording, signal processing and synthesis. You will be expected to create compelling soundtracks for film, TV and video games demonstrating their understanding of the concepts presented, using industry standard tools such as Pro Tools and WWise.
Upon successful completion of the Post Production & Game Audio Program you will be able to create, manage and implement all the audio elements for film, television or gaming. Grads will be confident in designing and integrating sounds that react to user input and will leave Nimbus with a valuable portfolio including live action and animation shorts, as well as a working video game demo.
INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS interested in this course are advised to speak with a Nimbus Admissions Specialist at admissions@nimbusrecording.com to clarify study permit qualifications and any financial aid details.


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ENGR100 PROD100 PGAP200 prerequisites

Potential Careers

Post Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Game Audio Designer, Foley, A/V Technician, Assistant Engineer, Music Editor, Dialogue editor, Post Production Mixer

What You'll Learn

Automated Dialogue Replacement

Record, edit and process dialogue for any application.

Portfolio Building

Create, maintain and augment a sound effect library which will provide a key building block of the students professional audio career.


Implement musical elements into video content and game applications.

Soundscape Experiences

Employ the tools necessary to elevate audio experiences through interactivity.

Post Production

Produce audio for all game platforms, from mobile to console devices.

Surround Sound

Understand the processes to complete a surround sound mix through practical classroom exercises.

Sound Design

Define and create the atmospheric audio elements involved in game audio and post-production

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kelani lim
Nimbus is a wonderful place to build a foundation for networking. One of the best things about it was being given the opportunity to learn the craft of music hands on, and to partake in experiences you wouldn't normally get to because the teachers are all currently working in the industry. I learned so much in such a short period of time there, and got to meet a lot of wonderful people that later proved valuable in helping each other find work.

Kelani Lim

Post and Game Audio

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