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Program Overview

The Electronic Music Production Diploma explores the logistical and creative elements involved in composition, production and remixing in the context of electronic dance music as well as wider genres influenced by electronic music.
This is not a “press play DJ” program. Original music creation, programming, synthesis, sound design, production and remixing will comprise the core of the program. The Electronic Music Diploma his will be portfolio based in which you will build a repertoire of their own creations, remixes, and collaborations. You will be encouraged to participate and collaborate on each other’s productions and create live performances going beyond simple DJ’ing. Post-production includes mixing and mastering and will provide the necessary skills required to complete a project through lab work and mentorship.
INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS interested in this course are advised to speak with a Nimbus Admissions Specialist at admissions@nimbusrecording.com to clarify study permit qualifications and any financial aid details.


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ENGR100 PROD100 EMPP200 prerequisites

Potential Careers

Electronic Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Composer, Mix Engineer, Artist/Performer, Sound Designer, Beatmaker/Programmer, Mastering Engineer

What You'll Learn

Music Theory

involve using subjective and objective methods to assess the elements of popular EDM genres

Critical Listening

be able to isolate and create elements going in to compositional and production techniques.


Master the production techniques used in electronic dance music.

Project Management

Collaborate with classmates to create music and enhance performance.

Sound Design

Mixing and mastering bdoies of work in post production.


Learn techniques that involve original music creation, programming, synthesis, production and remixing.

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Jason Flegg
My time at Nimbus improved me as a person in many more ways than I expected. I came to Nimbus knowing very little about music, and I left with thousands of plays on my music and shows lined up. I have built a family around Nimbus and I'm staying as involved as I can with the community!

Jason Flegg

Electronic Music Production

What To Expect - The Nimbus Advantage

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Career Support

In-house career guidance to equip you with the right tools and support for employment beyond graduation.

Industry Pros for Instructors

Ongoing mentorship and training by award winners, nominees, established artists and active industry experts offers relevant curriculum.

Hands On Learning

Lessons are built with a career focused, hands-on approach to education to offer more learning by doing rather than textbooks.

Small Class Sizes

Less students per instructor in each class allows more focus on quality instruction and individual learning needs.

Networking & Collaborations

Meet a network of industry professionals in real industry settings and create life-long friendships through collaborations at the school.

Community Building

Opportunities to give back to the local community are made possible through Nimbus events, workshops, high school outreach, and charity work.


Interpersonal skills are taught in exclusive psychology classes offering guidance in self awareness confidence and skills.

Steps to Becoming a Nimbus Student

3. Prepare for your Nimbus experience

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