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The Content Creation for Music & Media Program is an intensive 4-month marketing bootcamp to help you launch your band, your EP, your channel or your company. Learn 8 essential skills in making content for any industry.  You will combine all of these skills in your final assignment, to launch a real project. After graduation, this skill set will help you bring value to any employer, non-profit organization, or artistic collaboration.

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Content Creation for Music & Media

Upon completing the Content Creation For Music & Media Program, you will be equipped with 8 essential, cutting edge skills that can be used for any industry. You will have a strong understanding of brand, hours of hands-on training in content creation, and in-depth knowledge of effective delivery of the content and on which platforms. With the training from this program, you will be stacked with the skills to give you a competitive edge, entering the world as a Professional Content Creator.

BRANDING - Foundation of Content Creation
Identify the distilled message for each project and align all your efforts to reinforce brand.

STORYTELLING - Publicity and Copy Content Creation
Create compelling narrative content with tone of voice that matches the brand and engages the target audience.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Visual Content Creation
Capture and edit professional quality images for your social campaigns and content marketing using the colors and filters your audience craves.

DESIGN - Digital Content Ceation
Use the right composition, colors and fonts to create compelling images that tell your story on all platforms including websites and social media.

VIDEOGRAPHY - Visual Film Content Creation
Light and shoot quality video and then edit to create multiple versions for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

PLANNING - Project Management
Learn the organizational and preparatory skills required to deliver your projects on budget and on schedule.

Use the branded content assets you've made to target specific audiences with paid ads on Google, Facebook and other platforms.

Use website SEO and social media platforms to authentically tell your brand's story and engage the right audience, creating genuine fans, followers and customers.


Accelerated Portfolio Building
During the program, you will be taught by current, industry professionals; therefore, every content creation will be relevant and will be a useful asset to add to your personal portfolio of work. Every skill taught in the course can be fully implemented as you learn, and every project used immediately. The program is fully designed to get you industry ready and accelerate your career.

Be Your Own Boss
The content creation program will be taught in a music environment, but skills you will acquire can be utilized in any industry. The skills you will gain are currently in demand. This gives you the option to work for a company or begin freelancing as an entrepreneur. You have the option to be your own boss.

Flexibility & Reach
In the world of content creation, geography does not define your workspace or your ability to provide great results. Unlike other professions, getting your work accomplished can take place from almost any place, at any hour, and with anyone, right from your laptop. You will gain the opportunity to reach a global audience with your new skills in the digital space, and eventually build a schedule that best fits your lifestyle.

Be A Master of Communication
The world is changing and content creators have adapted to this. Society has moved from books, faxes and landlines, to a very digital friendly space. Communication plays a vital role in clarity, and content creation is the key to delivering the right messaging, to the right audience, utilizing the right tools and platforms. Your knowledge base will allow you to communicate the message efficiently and effectively to the appropriate people.

Staying Ahead of the Curve
The way content is being created and how people are consuming it is constantly evolving. Learning the essential skills in the content creation program gives you the ability to adapt quickly and smoothly. You will be highly knowledgeable of digital platforms, have access to resources, connections to industry mentors, and hands-on experience under your belt. You will be able to stay ahead of the curve.

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DOMESTIC: $8,598.00

APPLICATION FEE: $250.00 (non-refundable)
SUPPLIES: $385.00
GST: $11.75
PST: $16.45

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