Nimbus offers elite music school programs that are designed to motivate students for excellence and equip each one for success in the music industry. With 24/7 studio access, hands-on training and mentorship from industry pros, every Nimbus student will have the opportunity to grow technical and interpersonal skills through practical learning in real studios, working with real artists, and in real industry settings. Each Nimbus program is tailored to prepare our graduates for success.

Audio Engineering

DIPLOMA - 12 months

Studio Production

DIPLOMA - 12 months

Electronic Music Production

DIPLOMA - 12 months

Live Sound Mixing & Recording

DIPLOMA - 12 months

Post & Game Audio Production

DIPLOMA - 12 months

Advanced Music Industry Diploma

DIPLOMA - 8 months

Artist Development

CERTIFICATE - 4 months

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Classes start January 6, 2020

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