July 26, 2018

MusiCounts Awards Two Nimbus Students With A Scholarship

MusiCounts offers music education scholarships to two Nimbus students dedicated to creating a future in the music industry.

Dedication To Their Music Education Lands Two Nimbus Students A MusiCounts Scholarship

MusiCounts is Canada’s music education charity associated with CARAS and The JUNO Awards, placing instruments in the hands of kids who need it most.  Once a year, MusicCounts also awards scholarships nationwide to recognize post secondary students who stand above and beyond in their pursuit of music education. Nimbus students Jack Thomas and Kassia Edwards captured two of those awards this year as recipients of MusiCounts scholarships. 

Details of the MusiCounts Scholarship and award can be found here.

Jack ThomasJack Thomas, hailing from Port Coquitlam, BC is a familiar face around Nimbus, having graduated from Advanced Studio Production, Post & Game Audio Production, and Advanced Audio Engineering. Jack is now a student in the Live Sound Mixing and Recording Program.  An accomplished drummer, Jack is often found in studios, working on his own projects or offering help to other students with tips, tricks and advice. 

In the summer of 2015, while working at a summer job in a recycling plant, Jack experienced a freak workplace accident that severed part of his right arm (his interview on Shaw TV can be seen HERE). Not one to ever be deterred, Jack was soon back at the drum the kit, adapting his playing style.  Upon graduation from Terry Fox High School, he was determined to continue his music education and joined the programs at Nimbus. Jack is now a vocal advocate for work safety and speaks at schools and venues in and around B.C.

Kassia EdwardsKassia Edwards completed the Advanced Music Industry Program at Nimbus. With her energy-filled spirit and natural knack for tackling projects, Kassia kept busy juggling her time also working at Tiny Kingdom Music, Live Acts Canada, and managing the band Gentle Mind. Kassia then returned to Nimbus to undertake a Fast Track, 8-month program in Live Sound Mixing and Recording. Upon graduation, Kassia secured a coveted position in the music industry at the global artist management company, WATCHDOG MANAGEMENT, as she was also selected as the Women In Music Management Mentorship program!

At Nimbus, we believe wholeheartedly in the vision of MusiCounts and the value they place on music education.  Our founder, Bob Ezrin, is also a founding donor of MusiCounts and speaks passionately and frequently about the importance of music education for young people, no matter what they choose to do in life.

We are so proud to celebrate these two graduates, whose commitment to excellence, passion for music and drive for success is an inspiration to the community at large.

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