Music Production, Recording & Business


The Music Production, Recording & Business program gives an amazing balance of theoretical and practical instruction, industry input and mentoring to help create a new type of professional required for the music and media industries. Upon completion, you will be able to start your dream career path and become a successful professional and entrepreneur in the audio and music industry.  If you’re an aspiring Electronic Music Producer, Music Producer, Musician, Recording Engineer, or you aspire to start your own Record Label, Manage Artists and work in the Music Industry, this is the program for you!


This music production program is not just for the traditional jobseeker, but an entrepreneurial – minded self – starter. No longer tethered to conventional studios, audio specialists now enjoy the flexibility of working from creative spaces – large or small – anywhere in the world. A post – secondary level 48 week, 6 semester, 5 day
a week, full time, intensive Music Production, Recording & Business diploma program that is equivalent in credit hours to most 4 – year university programs. In addition, it is supported by industry instructors and mentors and designed to produce cream – of – the – crop, elite graduates. In addition to classes, we use project – based learning, skills mastery, peer – to – peer support, and gamification to foster learning. Major learning milestones are expressed as levels of experience rather than years; your individual experience sets the pace for learning. This offering provides the ability to work on simulated projects that result in a showcase of your ideas in your own professional quality personal demo reel. The heart of Nimbus is Audio. Students develop fundamental technical competencies which gives them indispensable adaptability skills necessary for integration into the digital audio workforce. These technical competencies ultimately allow students to comprehend any situation and develop his or her own understanding of production paradigms. In addition, important soft skills such as team building, human interaction, the business of industry and new technologies such as AR/VR, remote work environments, technology integration permeate your learning from day one.


Potential careers after completion; 

Electronic Music Producer


Record Label Manager

Artist Management

Audiovisual (AV) Technician

Multimedia Sound Technician

Post – Production Technician

Recording Engineer

Recording Studio Technician

Sound Effects Editor

Audio Engineer

Sound Engineer


Learning to be a Music Production and Digital Audio Technologist at Nimbus means that you give yourself a set of relevant tools through which you can create, build, and deliver technology to impact the world you hear. Nimbus students learn from the ground up and have a greater understanding of how computers, hardware, software, and networks work.
We apply practical, problem-solving methods that allow for personalized learning, mixed age groups, and a strong emphasis on self – appropriation of knowledge. Unlike the traditional 4 – or 5 – year model, we apply, all of this in a real – world, intensive model.
Project – based work imitates real – world work and encourages students to not just learn time management but to build conceptual frameworks of what is and is not important or relevant to a project. This skill of being able to establish structures and boundaries for projects is central to becoming an excellent technologist and pushes students to think critically and learn through failure.
Students will be able to operate Pro Tools proficiently in any audio setting. This will give you the digital certainty to function as a technical audio professional in a wide variety of music, sound, audio employment opportunities. You will be accomplished in recording and mixing audio in a large format console studio and adept in the application of practical concepts including microphone selection, mixing console signal flow recording and mixing to achieve desired outcomes in sound recording
When you have the tools to change a digital world, it means you have freedom: the freedom to change what you don’t like and make it better. Freedom is also about thinking critically. The two most important things you learn at Nimbus are how to be autonomous and how to be resourceful.
In today’s digital world, employers are looking for critical and analytical thinking; problem solving; creativity; communication; teamwork and collaboration; time management; autonomous, capable workers. Those are exactly the skills students learn at Nimbus, meaning they are ready for the workplace and transition easily.
Students will become better, well rounded individuals. These skills are considered ‘essential criteria’ that will form the foundation for lifelong values and way of doing business. 
 Students will be competent in a range of composing, arranging and/or production techniques and methodologies and demonstrate the effective use of both MIDI – based and non – MIDI hardware and software in the creation and production of electronic music. Through the context of song writing, analysis and research of musical style/genre, students will be conversant on key producers, innovators of dance and electronic music, techniques and compositional alternatives of recorded music and production techniques.


Nimbus is committed to giving you the best experience possible. Gain access to all the Nimbus Advantages!

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Industry Pros for Instructors​

Ongoing mentorship and training by award winners, nominees, established artists and active industry experts offers relevant curriculum.

Hands On Learning

Lessons are built with a career focused, hands-on approach to education to offer more learning by doing rather than textbooks.

Small Class Sizes

Less students per instructor in each class allows more focus on quality instruction and individual learning needs.

Networking & Collaborations

Meet a network of industry professionals in real industry settings and create life-long friendships through collaborations at the school.

Community Building

Opportunities to give back to the local community are made possible through Nimbus events, workshops, high school outreach, and charity work.

Self Development

Interpersonal skills are taught in exclusive psychology classes offering guidance in self awareness confidence and skills.