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Our one-year diploma program teaches you the ins and outs of how the music industry works. You'll gain valuable core and technical skills, including Pro Tools certification. Become a music producer, audio engineer, or anything you wish to be in the recording arts.

how the music industry works, NIMBUS School of Recording & Media

Program Outline

Become a Music Industry Leader with Our One-Year Diploma Program

In six intense semesters, you’ll learn about music production, audio engineering, recording arts and most importantly, how the music business works. Our project-based approach mirrors the changing world around us. As a result, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what goes into making great music and how to keep up with the latest trends in the music industry. We enable you to develop the skills and confidence to take the lead in any project.

Learn How to Create and Produce Music

This music production program is designed for students who want to pursue a career in the music industry. Hence, you will learn all aspects of the music industry – from sound engineering to songwriting. Beginning with the basics of music production, students then build proficiency in the more technical aspects of recording arts and sound engineering.

Gain Pro Tools Certification and Learn on Industry-Standard Digital Audio Workstations

Your skills are further developed through mastery of industry-standard software like Ableton Live. What’s more, students become certified in Avid Pro Tools. Your technical education is rounded off through learning how to work large format mixing consoles.

Once you gain a solid foundation, you will be able to choose a specialty. Areas of focus include Electronic Music Production, Audio Engineering, Music Production, or Music Business.

Led by Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are first class. They are also passionate about music. Nimbus faculty have won awards and continue to lead in their respective fields. They know how the music industry works and are committed to helping you succeed into your career. After all, we are a family at Nimbus.

Gain Sought-After Core Skills

We believe in the importance of developing core skills for success. For this reason, we cover key concepts such as communication, teamwork, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. Altogether, our graduates become balanced and capable individuals ready for any challenge.

Enter the Music Industry with Confidence

This one-year diploma program would not be complete without learning about the business. Important concepts such as ideation, obtaining funding, branding, and project management will empower you to become a strong critical thinker and problem-solver. 

Project-based learning, certification in music production software, a great community of peers, and mentorship from top industry-level instructors gives graduates a well-rounded education. This unique experience is what helps the Nimbus graduate find success in the music business. 

Music is an ever-growing industry. There are constant new music releases, trends and technologies. The MPRB program will help you understand how the music industry works, so that you can enter the business quickly and confidently.

Why Study Recording Arts at Nimbus?

Small class sizes

Hands-on learning

Project-based approach

Intense Instruction = quicker entry into the music industry

our Faculty are industry professionals

Central Location in Beautiful Vancouver

ready for more?


Domestic Tuition


This includes a tuition cost of $34,250 and a supply kit cost of $1,500

International Tuition


Includes a tuition cost of $45,250 and a supply kit cost of $1,500

Nimbus is committed to an accessible education. Student aid is available.

Admission Requirements

No technical or previous music industry knowledge is required. Our amazing instructors will teach you everything you need to make it as a professional.

Nimbus looks for individuals who love and live music, and have the drive to succeed.

Learn more about our admissions process here

programs start dates


flexible start dates


per intake

Music Production Recording Business

Jan 3 | May 1 | Sept 5

Artist Development

JAN 3 | MAY 1 | SEPT 5

Introduction to Engineering 

MAY 1 | SEPT 5

Electronic Music Production


NOV 2 | JAN 4

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Learning Objectives

With a mix of practical and theoretical learning, graduates of this one-year diploma program will possess key skills in their toolbox.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Gain core skills such as communication, collaboration, emotional awareness, and adaptability. 
  • Obtain Avid Pro Tools 101 certification.
  • Design and mix music using Ableton Live software.
  • Record and mix audio in a large format console studio.
  • Learn concepts such as microphone selection, signal flow recording, and mixing to achieve your desired sound.
  • Compose, arrange, and practice music production techniques and methods.
  • Demonstrate effective use of both MIDI-based and non-MIDI hardware and software in the creation and production of electronic music.
  • Learn songwriting, analysis, and how to research musical style and genre.
  • Learn about the key producers and innovators of contemporary music.
  • Gain essential business and project management skills. 
  • Learn artist and venue management.
  • Understand music business fundamentals, such as law and contracts, licensing and copyright, as well as national and international distribution.
  • Learn marketing and self-promotion.

Required Course Materials

Included with tuition

All materials are in English and include a library of textbooks. Additionally, there is a web portal with equipment manuals and e-books. Pro Tools software certification course materials and testing are also included.

  • Hardware:
    DI Box
    2 External Hard Drives
  • Software:
    Ableton Live 11
    Pro Tools
  • Extras:
    Sennheiser or Yamaha Headphones
    Music BC Membership

Not Included with tuition

  • Hardware:
    MacBook Pro (as a minimum) 13” with 8GB Ram and 512 GB HD, recommended to run MacOS 12 or newer
    Apple USB-C to USB Adaptor
  • Software:
    Native Instruments Komplete 13
    Melodyne Assistant
    Serum (we recommend waiting until the unit begins in order to see which subscription is best)

Capilano University Pathway

We are especially proud to be partners with Capilano University. After, or nearing graduation, Nimbus students can apply for a university degree at CapU and may use Nimbus transfer credits. With a diploma and a degree, you will be ready and confident to access more opportunities in the music industry.

how the music industry works, NIMBUS School of Recording & Media

A harmonious partnership


" Partnering with Nimbus School of Recording and Media is indeed the right direction in educating students who like to excel in recording arts. Nimbus has proven itself to be a widely respected private college with programs that aim to support students both in school and once they graduate. The Music Production Recording and Business program is unparalleled, and we feel confident in any graduate pursuing further education with CapU. I can speak on behalf of the Faculty of Fine & Applied Arts when I say we look forward to working alongside Nimbus for many years to come."
how the music industry works, NIMBUS School of Recording & Media
Ramin Shadmehr
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What's it Like at nimbus?

Catch a glimpse of student life in Canada's top music production school

In-class instruction, hands-on learning, and a supportive faculty, makes life at Nimbus both intense and an immensely rewarding music education.

how the music industry works, NIMBUS School of Recording & Media

Land a Job in the music industry


Nimbus helped me develop and refine my skills as an engineer and producer. Not only that, but by being part of the Nimbus community I gained the connections needed to land a job in the industry that was exactly what I was looking for. The instructors and staff are world class and always make me feel welcome when I come back to visit."
Max Dishaw

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