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Helping your son or daughter prepare for a career they are passionate about is incredibly important. Our team recognizes this is an important life decision. Our CEO wrote a blog about his experience as a parent of a Nimbus student and how every student needs to have the best experience possible.

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The music and media industry is thriving and growing. From recent studies about the economic impact of the live music sector on the BC economy, to growth of media used by virtually every company and charity, the need for savvy media workers is only increasing.

Nimbus is constantly getting feedback from industry about what skills, techniques and knowledge are necessary to succeed and thrive in this dynamic sector. As a result, each of our programs is tailored to prepare our alumni for success.

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Nimbus is a designated institution with the BC Ministry of Advance Education and Training as part of the Private Training Act. As such, we are a designated learning institute for Student Loans. We offer various payment plans.

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Our Approach to Education

Nimbus applies a hands-on approach to education. We find many students find academic success for the first time with this approach. As Bob Ezrin, one of our founders, says, "Who you are is more important than what you know how to do". To succeed in the fast paced industry of music, media and entertainment, workers need to have great interpersonal skills in addition to a strong work ethic and technical knowledge. That's why all our students participate in "Don't Push My Buttons" classes with our Clinical Counsellor - learning about everything from interpersonal dynamics and conflict resolution to body language and a solid handshake.

Alumni Success

We're very proud of the successes of our alumni. You can see video interviews, testimonials and recent successes here:

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What's going on in the Nimbus community...

Our community is busy - getting jobs, putting on shows and releasing music. Click on an image to see more details.

Terry Ziehr

Our son has been at Nimbus since August 2016. Everything has been an amazing experience for him. From his initial interview (for which I was present) until now....a year later. Every time we talk or text he is just loving this school. So much so that our son who graduates this year from high school has an interview with Nimbus in the near future. As out of province parents, we couldn't have had a better experience. Knowing that our son has made some amazing friends and loves his teachers (who have tons of experience) has made his transition/experience for us all exceptionally wonderful.

Terry Ziehr


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