Community is an integral part of the fabric of Nimbus. As part of our commitmment to education, mentorship, and advocacy, Nimbus School continues to give back to community.  We have gathered together information that may be useful to know more about Nimbus and how we are open to parnering up with community projects in order to change the world with music.


Nimbus is passionate about building community, constantly seeking involvement in projects that offer positive impact to music education, the music industry, and the development of the next generation of creators. Some of the annual events Nimbus is a part of include:

  • Canadian Songwriting Challenge
  • High School Battle of the Bands

Nimbus believes in collaboration and creating change for and as a community. We're involved in numerous community projects every year. If you have a community project that you think would be good fit for Nimbus, please let us know.

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We're very proud of the successes of our alumni. You can see video interviews, testimonials and recent successes here:

Alumni Interviews
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Classes start January 6, 2020

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