Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools

Looking to hone your skills on Avid Pro Tools? The digital audio editing software has become one of the most important suites for those in music, movies or general sound. If you’re planning on working in any of these realms, a basic familiarity with Pro Tools is a must.

A lot of people like to play around in Avid Pro Tools or have seen the software before, but the challenge is going from having a little fun to actually producing. At Nimbus, we will teach you how to start a project from its initial setup all the way through the final mixdown. There are a lot of complex features embedded in this powerful product and we’ll teach you those features and enhancements, so that when you’re eventually able to produce professional grade audio.

Software Description

Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation or, DAW, which essentially means it is a software made for editing music or various forms of audio. In its simplest form, that’s what it is. However, this software goes far beyond that as this is a professional grade of audio editing. That means if you’re looking to do anything from processing to reverb to equalization to compression to using a mixing console, this software will help you do all of that. Whether you’re just helping a friend with a song, trying to perfect a YouTube video for a client or working on a movie, Pro Tools is one of the best options on the market for editing equipment.

It’s an awesome way to record and create, and by the time you’re finished at Nimbus, you’ll be an expert with it.

What You’ll Learn

In our courses, you’re going to learn about Pro Tools from A to Z. That means we’ll teach you how to mix audio, remix audio, record using traditional instruments, virtual instruments and much more.

The basics will start you off with how to run pro tools, starting with understanding the Avid Pro Tools 101 book. Then we’ll slowly move from basic digital audio concepts through to how to import audio, working with different types – including MIDI – and then generally navigating the entire interface.

Some of the topics included are:

  • Creating a session
  • Recording audio in various forms
  • Importing both audio and video
  • Navigating within tracks
  • How to add markers
  • How to edit clips
  • Working with different effects, like fades
  • Finishing your work

This is just the beginning, though. Once you’ve learned the basic levels, we’ll move into more intermediate skills like learning the tips and tricks of modern producers and using virtual instruments, which is quite popular these days.

Who It’s For?

Learning about Avid Pro Tools is right for you if you’re an audio enthusiast that doesn’t have a lot of experience with editing. You’ll be introduced to the basics, so that you can understand what you’re doing in general inside the software, and then after that, we’ll start to dive into more advanced features of this powerful tool. By the end, you’ll have an advanced knowledge of how to work with audio to perfect, smooth it out and make it professional quality.