Apple Logic Pro X

Apple Logic Pro X

Apple Logic Pro X is a recommended optional software that will enhance your experience. 

If you’re an Apple user who is looking to get into songwriting, music recording or production, the Logic Pro X software is for you. It can turn any Mac into a professional-grade recording studio where you can not only capture the audio but also work with its many forms. That might mean composing, recording or mixing. 

Software Description

Logic Pro X is the latest version of Apple’s digital audio workstation. This is a heavily used software by professional audio people for everything from movies to music and much more. This strictly works on the macOS operating system, so you have to be somewhat used to or fluent with Macs to use it. This is not available on PC’s or Windows.

Overall, this is a stunning array of bundled instruments and effects presented in a beautiful interface. 

What it Does

From production effects to music notation to exporting, Logic Pro will help you become an audio editing expert whether you’re working with sound for TV, music or movies. Here’s a sample of what you can do with Logic Pro

  • Industry-Leading Tools – Use powerful tools inside Logic Pro X like Smart Tempo, Flex Time, Flex Pitch, Track Alternatives, Track Stacks and Project Alternatives
  • Record Audio – Record audio seamlessly, including high-end audio that’s 24-bit/192kHz.
  • Logic Remote – This gives you the ability to use Live Loops, Remix FX and more features from your Apple iPad, iPhone or other Apple mobile device. That way you don’t have to be in front of a computer to work with the audio.
  • Remix FX – Gives you the ability to use DJ effects, transitions, filters, and more with your tracks
  • Pair And Play – Will guide you how to get a grasp of the onscreen instruments like keyboards, guitars and more.
  • Multi-Touch Mixing – This allows you to control your mix from anywhere in the room.
  • Drum Synth – A useful plug-in that allows you to incorporate various drum sounds.
  • Maximizing MIDI – Get the most out of MIDI, including how to tighten up your MIDI performance while maintaining the musical details.

Who It’s For?

If you’re an aspiring audio engineer who loves working with Macs (or Apple in general) or a music producer who wants to get to the next level, this is the software for you. This is going to teach you how to be an expert-level producer with this software, so that you know how to work it to get the perfect sound you’re looking for.