Ableton Live 10 Suite

Ableton Live 10 Suite

Ableton Live 10 Suite is a professional music production software that allows you to start making music. It’s commonly used by music producers all around the world as they work with audio to either record it or perfect the sound. The software comes in three different versions with Intro, Standard and Suite, and with Nimbus, we can help you to become an expert with the most robust version of the software, which is the Suite.

If you’ve been looking at different types of audio workstations and wondering what’s the best for you, this page will help guide you. Overall, this software is important to master for those who want to be audio engineers, a DJ that wants to work with mixes or a band that needs to record multiple instruments. If you’re thinking of being in that realm or are there but want to hone your skills, Nimbus can get you there.

Software Description

If you’re looking at the three versions of Ableton Live 10, Suite is the most comprehensive offering. If you plan to be a professional in this realm, this is the version that you want to learn about. It’s the most feature-packed of the three versions as it gives you 256 mono inputs and outputs, unlimited audio MIDI tracks, offers 60 gigabytes of samples and a total of 46 different audio effects.

What You’ll Learn

At Nimbus, you’re going to learn a number of concepts in the realm of audio and music production, and then learn about the software itself so that you can understand how you can achieve what you need to achieve.

Some of the main things you’ll learn:

  • How to use and navigate Ableton Live 10
  • How to both warp and edit audio to create samples and loops
  • How to use the main Audio and MIDI effects
  • How to perfect songs and sounds in Ableton Live 10
  • Recording using multiple instruments
  • Understanding what sound design and synthesis looks like in Ableton Live 10
  • Get a better understanding of Synths, Samplers and Racks
  • General skills for music production

To get started, we recommend a basic understanding of music, and has a fast, working computer. The latter is important because music production can be taxing on a computer. Ableton 10 Live Suite has more than 60 gigabytes of samples alone, so you not only need to have lots of space on your computer but a decent amount of RAM so that your computer can handle the software and the production.

Who It’s For?

This software is for those who are either working professionally in the sound space or are looking to possibly get in there. If you’re thinking about audio engineering, being a producer that will need to work with lots of plugins or properly recording and working with the sound from your band, this is the right software for you.