Come down and learn about Nimbus School and its hands-on career training facilities. Bring friends & family to join our free event!

Gain the opportunity to:

  • A private Campus Tour
  • Meet Alumni students
  • Visit cutting edge industry studios
  • See world class equipment and audio gear
  • Listen to completed student projects
  • Receive a waived $250 application fee at event
  • Learn the process to becoming a Nimbus student
  • Receive answers to your music education questions

February 23, 2019
10am - 12pm
Nimbus School of Recording & Media, 
238 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1B7. Map HERE.

FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW TO RSVP. We look forward to meeting you then!

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Contact us at or give us a call +1 (604) 875-8998

Classes start April 29, 2019