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Finale on March 4!

Featuring Madeleine Grace, Zoey Leven, Ashley Pater & Destination Unknown, and Skookum show off their stuff for our finale concert!
Doors at 5pm, Music from 5:30pm

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Battle of the Bands: Showcase and Finale Details 

All events will be held at The Roxy, 932 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L2.
All events are all ages, and entry is by donation. All door proceeds will go to the acts for that day.

Showcase 1: Saturday February 9th, 2019

Featuring Connor Nelson, Zoey Leven, Mark Panaligan, Pillow Fort
(Doors at 2pm, music from 2:30 - 4:15pm)

Showcase 2: Saturday February 16th, 2019

Featuring Xpired, Skookum, Detour, Ashley Payter & Destination Unknown
(Doors at 2pm, music from 2:30 - 4:15pm)

Showcase 3: Saturday February 23rd, 2019

Featuring Madeleine Grace, Savannah, Isabel Hombre, The Vultures
(Doors at 2pm, music from 2:30 - 4:15pm)

Finale: Monday March 4, 2019

(Doors at 5pm, music from 5:30 - 8:00pm)


Visit our Facebook Page each week under "Events" for details of each showcase!


Weekly Showcases: February 9, 16 and 23, 2019

Each of the weekly showcases will be on a Saturday and include a morning of coaching from Nimbus instructors on performance, stagecraft, and soundchecks. The afternoon of each Saturday will be open to friends, family and the public to see each band perform on the Roxy stage with full sound and lights! Entry is by donation, with 100% of the door proceeds going towards the bands playing that day.

Each of the selected bands will have a 15 minute set with up to three songs. Both covers and originals will be allowed, but at least one needs to an original song. Bands will be judged on preparedness, marketability, audience engagement and musicality (performance, vocals and songwriting).

Top Four Finale: March 4, 2019

Based on the judges scores from the weekly showcases, four bands will be selected for the Finale on Monday, March 4, 2019. Nimbus will have our Mobile Truck capture full audio and video of each of the act's performance, giving the finalists a multi-camera video of their performance. A panel of industry judges will select the winning band, to be announced that night. Entry is by donation, with 100% of the door proceeds going towards the bands playing that day.


The Winning Band
Will Receive

  • First Place: a scholarship to attend Nimbus School of Recording & Media in the amount of Ten Thousand Canadian Dollars ($10,000 CAD), Steinberg Interface and pair of HS Monitors, and a $500 gift certificate from Tom Lee Music
  • Second, Third and Fourth Place: a scholarship to attend Nimbus School of Recording & Media in the amount of Five Thousand Canadian Dollars ($5,000 CAD) (2nd/3rd/4th Place Winner Prize).
  • All Finalists will receive a pair of Yamaha Music Canada headphones and a performance capture by the students and staff of Nimbus School of Recording & Media of their finale performance.


High School
Music Teachers

The High School music program of the winning band will also receive a PA Prize Pack from Yamaha Music Canada, and a $500 store credit from Tom Lee Music to add the gear or instruments most needed.


Acts may be solo, duo, or any number up to five members maximum, and at least 50% of members must be enrolled in grades 10-12 at a B.C. High School at the time of entry (If there is a band with participants outside of this range, approval must be requested before application, and will be at Nimbus' discretion only. Acts may not hire professional band members to perform with them). Acts must agree to use the Roxy Backline (drums, guitar amp, bass am, keyboard amp), and can be any contemporary music genre. Acts must play 2-4 songs, and can play all originals, or a combination of covers or originals, with a minimum of one original song. In order to participate, acts or their legal guardians if under 19 must apply using the online form, and selected acts must complete and return a release form that will be sent to them prior to their performance. The high school prize will, by default, go to the current high school attended by the act in the competition, unless otherwise agreed by Nimbus and the winning act. In cases where there is no music program at the school, another high school or music program may be nominated by the winning act. If participants are from different high schools, the winning act may come to a consensus between them to donate to one high school of their choice, or to split the prizing between all high schools. The scholarship prizing is valid for two years after the act members have graduated. No prizing may be converted to cash or any other currency.


Please read the terms and conditions first - most of your questions should be answered there!

You can email us anytime at, or call us at 604 875 8998 between 9am - 5pm.
Each act is allocated 15 minutes or three songs, whichever is shorter.
Yes! 2018's winner was a solo artist. We accept all contemporary genres and any number between 1-5 members in a group.
We ask that bands bring their own instruments to play. The Roxy and Nimbus will provide the rest of the backline and full drum kit (except drum sticks) The house drum kit is a Sonor Drum Kit (Force 3000). Drummers - please bring your own drum sticks!
On the day of the showcase, you will need to arrive at 10am sharp. We have a very tight schedule and want to make sure you get the most out of your time with our instructors!
No - you must be prepared to get lunch during your lunch break - there are plenty of cafes and places to get food on Granville Street. The Roxy cannot allow external food or drink on their premises. You may bring a water bottle into the venue.
Preference is given to originals, and we ask that at least one song is an original. If you choose to play a cover, we recommend you deliver a unique take on it!
We ask for industry judges to provide their feedback in an anonymous setting, so that they are not directly confronted by difference of opinion from participants and their guardians. However, in this year's judging pack, we will be including a section for the judges to pass on their constructive feedback to each band. These will be made available on request.
The four finalists are picked from the competition as a whole. For example, last year there were some showcases where multiple acts made the finals, and others where none did.
It is your responsibility to collect the amount owed by the end of your showcase. Entry is by donation, so the more you promote your show, the better your share will be in the takings! We cannot tell you what to do with your money, but we strongly suggest that you use it to further your musical endeavours.
We have decided to split the money evenly amongst all acts. While some promoters count the number of musicians per act and split accordingly, we want to encourage teamwork between the acts, so that you all work together to put on a great show.

We appreciate and encourage you all to promote the event as if it were a real show - this is part of your industry training! We will have a facebook event created for each of the Battle of the Bands events. Please help to promote it and invite your friends and family - remember, it's all ages, and all donations on the door go directly to the bands for that day!

Some ideas to help you promote the show:

  • Create a little video for Instagram with your act, with the details of the show
  • Upload the banner we send you to your Facebook banner
  • Do a Facebook live or pre-made video of you rehearsing, tag The Roxy and Nimbus
  • Invite your friends to the FB event
  • Share the FB event around your school and with your friends and family

You can also tag the following sponsors in your promotion of the events (some or all, it's up to you!).

Primary Sponsors

The Roxy


Prizing and Promotional Sponsors

Yamaha Music Canada

Tom Lee Music Canada

Music BC

NO. You can choose to perform the same songs you did in the showcase, or you can choose to do new material (or a mix of both). It's entirely up to you. My only suggestion would be to ensure you are putting your best feet forward - do the songs that you know showcase you well, that show your range both musically and creatively.
Contact us at or give us a call +1 (604) 875-8998

Classes start January 6, 2020

Have questions? Let us give you a call!