Nimbus Community

Nimbus is a vibrant, creative community, a home to people from all walks of life, coming from all over the world.

We are an inclusive, dynamic group of individuals united under a passion for excellence and a love for music and media.

Each of us works tirelessly to achieve personal and professional excellence, and of course to create great music, videos, games, films, and more.

Mentorship is at the heart of the Nimbus community.

Our students spend their days learning to master the skills needed to launch a career in the evolving music and media industries. The nights are spent working (and playing) alongside professionals in the field, out in the city and our local community. Many of our students tell us they have made lifelong friendships and working partnerships while in school. Great things start right here at Nimbus. Come join our community!

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Nimbus is passionate about building community, constantly seeking involvement in projects that offer positive impact on music education, the music industry, and the development of the next generation of creators. Some of the annual events Nimbus is a part of include:

Check out our Upcoming Events to see what else we are doing.

If you are part of a charity, find out how to engage with Nimbus' community efforts.

If you are a High School teacher or guidance counselor, check here.

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Classes start January 6, 2020

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