Artist Development Certificate

From amateur to professional artist, learn how to turn your passion into a successful career. Meet top industry powerhouses to improve your songwriting, hone your skills as a performer, learn about your brand identity and much much more!

artist development, NIMBUS School of Recording & Media

Program Outline

Become a well-rounded Music Artist

You’ve written some great songs, and performed them in front of a crowd. However, you’re feeling stuck and wondering why things aren’t moving along how you envisioned them. What can you do to become a more seasoned artist, reaching your full potential?

Nimbus’ four-month Artist Development program offers intense, hands-on learning. Once complete, artists will be able write and produce better music, while also performing, recording, and marketing themselves with total confidence. Most importantly, you’ll receive feedback and instruction from qualified industry powerhouse teachers that will help you grow as an artist. By investing in yourself and learning what it takes to sit at the top of the game, you’ll be well on your way to making an impact in this highly competitive industry.

the only artist Development program of its kind

The whole package – from style to personal image – will be in the spotlight. Our learning approach is unique and will take artists on a journey of personal growth. Students dive into solo and collaborative songwriting sessions,  learn the fundamentals of a great demo recording, work closely with a stylist to cultivate their ‘look’, engage in photoshoots and video shoots, all while under the guidance of industry professionals with over 50 years of experience.

Additionally, artists learn to become full-fledged music artists, promoting their brand through effective social media skills and networking. Moreover, you will develop your style and personal image as a performer and be able to market it.

Collaboration is Key

Having a strong team with you is just as important. Students will work closely with their peers, wardrobe stylists, makeup and hair professionals, videographers, photographers, musicians, producers, engineers, and more. 

Showcase your Talent

If you’re an artist who wants to learn from the best, then the Nimbus Artist Development program is the perfect place for you. This program provides training and the opportunity to showcase your work. The climax of your experience is a live artist development showcase in front of top industry professionals (record label execs, radio promotion teams, managers, producers, etc). Become the music artist you always wanted to be.

By completing this program, music professionals can build a foundation that will allow them to succeed in today’s music industry. Our supportive faculty and staff are here to guide and assist you in every step. 

Why Study Recording Arts at Nimbus?

Small class sizes

Hands-on learning

Project-based approach

Intense Instruction = quicker entry into the music industry

our Faculty are industry professionals

Central Location in Beautiful Vancouver

ready for more?

Admission Requirements

Nimbus looks for serious performers who want to become professional music artists. They love and live music, are creative, and have a drive to succeed. 

This is an audition-based program.

Learn more about our admissions process here

Audition Expectations

Your audition will be scheduled with our Director of Admissions either in-person or live via Zoom. Please prepare 1-2 songs that best showcase your talent. You may perform with an instrument, backing track, or acapella. 

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Craft strong songs in a variety of genres, both independently and in a team.
  • Perform at a highly engaging level and style to be competitive in the current marketplace.
  • Visualize and establish their own unique style and brand.
  • Interact with other artists, musicians and producers.
  • Confidently perform on set for various mediums.
  • Showcase their talents to industry professionals with the goal to advance their career.

Course Materials


Supply Kit

  • Wardrobe Stylist
  • Hair and Makeup Team
  • Producer, Engineer, and Drummer
  • Mixing of Single
  • Mastering of Single
  • Live Performance Video Shoot
  • Photoshoot (photographer)

Not Included/Suggested

Computer: Mac or PC

programs start dates


flexible start dates


per intake

Music Production Recording Business

May 1 | Sept 5

Artist Development

MAY 1 | SEPT 5

Audio Engineering Fundamentals

MAY 1 | SEPT 5

Electronic Music Production



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Catch a glimpse of student life in Canada's top music production school

In-class instruction, hands-on learning, and a supportive faculty, makes life at Nimbus both intense and an immensely rewarding music education.

artist development, NIMBUS School of Recording & Media

become the music artist you wish to be


Attending Nimbus was unlike any other school. As the instructors are still highly active in the music industry, I learned how the industry works currently and as it develops. With the instructors teaching with such passion for music, I learned what would have taken me a decade in 4 months to be artist ready in the Artist Development program. Working alongside upcoming musicians in the program made me feel like I was a part of the music industry since day one at Nimbus."
Glen Gustard

become the music artist you dream to be