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How this works...

Take a Tour

Our Admissions Associates will be in touch shortly. If you haven't already had a tour of our school (either in person or by Skype) they will help you set that up.  We want to meet each person before they are accepted to Nimbus. If you've already had a tour there is no need for another one.

Letter of Acceptance

Once we've met with you and agreed that Nimbus is the right choice for you, we will send you a Letter of Acceptance. The Letter of Acceptance will detail the program, the dates and the fees.  You can use this letter as part of your planning and budgeting.


Paying your deposit secures your seat for the first day of class. Your Admissions Associate will give you a link to your personalized Admissions Portal where you can make your deposit, download forms, confirm your details and track your progress.

Finance Meeting

Your education is an investment. Our Financial Aid Associate will walk you through budgeting, living expenses, eligibility for Student Loans, RESPs, as well as different payment plan options - all to help you make an informed choice.


Everything you've decided will be put into a contract - your program, dates and payment plan. Your contract will be sent to you as a PDF for you to review and make sure this is what you want. Once you sign it and send it back, we will sign and send you back a copy.

Orientation Day

Yay!! This is where it starts.  At Orientation Day, you will receive your textbooks and supplies, as well as your Nimbus backpack.  You'll meet your instructor and the rest of the Nimbus team.  Can't wait to see you!

Wondering who you will be talking with?

Our Admissions Associates have been in your shoes.  As graduates of Nimbus, they can talk about their experiences and how they got the most out of their time at Nimbus.  In addition to working at Nimbus, they are active in the music industry as they pursue the careers they trained for.  Check out their videos below.