International Students - Getting A Student Visa or Study Permit 

In order to be eligible for a student visa as an international student, you will usually need to provide proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition as well as living expenses for the duration of your time studying and living in Canada. As part of the international student admissions process, you will need to speak with our Financial Advisor regarding structuring a payment plan for your studies at Nimbus.

Off-Campus Employment

Did you know that since June 1, 2014, full-time international students at designated learning institutions are now eligible to work off-campus without a separate work permit? Working during the school year and during school breaks can help with gaining valuable Canadian work experience and defraying high international student tuition costs.

To be eligible to work off-campus as an international student, you must:

1. Hold a valid study permit;
2. Be a full-time international student; and
3. Be enrolled at a designated learning institution.

If you meet these three requirements, you may work up to 20 hours a week during the school term, and full-time at designated school breaks (summer, winter holiday break and March break) without the need for a work permit. For more international students information please visit

Before You Arrive in Vancouver

  1. Consider your housing options:
    Nimbus currently does not have on campus student housing. However we are happy to help out of town and internationals students find safe and comfortable accommodation.  If you need help or want to talk to someone, please call +1-604-875-8998 and ask to speak with our Admissions team. Alternatively, we have provided info and links to Vancouver housing.

  2. Provide proof of English proficiency:
    If you speak English as a second or additional language, as an international student you will need to provide proof of English language proficiency. You will need to submit either a TOEFL or IELTS score along with your international student application form.
    a. TOEFL score: minimum of 65 or higher (on academic test, not general).
    b. IELTS score: minimum 5.5 .
    If you have any questions about the language requirements, please get in touch with or give us a all at 1-604-875-8998.

  3. Medical Services Plan (MSP) for International Students:
    MSP is BC’s provincial health insurance plan. Anyone living in BC for six months or longer (including international students) is required by law to enrol in MSP and pay the plan’s premiums.  There is a 3 months waiting period before the MSP coverage will begin. You will need to obtain temporary health insurance for this time to make sure you will be covered. Keep in mind that this will be an additional costs.  Once MSP coverage will start, students will be billed monthly directly by the province.
    How to Apply for MSP
Contact us at or give us a call +1 (604) 875-8998

Classes start January 6, 2020

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