At Nimbus, we understand the importance of building and maintaining community partnerships. Just as we offer our support to this thriving music industry, each relationship offers its own invaluable aspects to students’ education at Nimbus School of Recording & Media. We are extremely grateful for the relationships we have with our community partners as they help in changing the lives of students. Here are some examples of how community partnerships help Nimbus:


Nimbus holds a host of relationships with individuals, organizations and establishments that have experienced the calibre of student that Nimbus produces. These companies continue to reach out for graduating students to hire and our Community Liaison facilitates these connections, assisting students with relevant Music Industry job placement opportunities.


In order to provide students with the most up-to-date and cutting edge audio engineering training, Nimbus works closely with community partners to assess the ever changing needs of the industry. This invaluable information is fed back into the Nimbus curriculum, keeping education relevant. This helps to ensure that employers receive qualified candidates, and gives students a competitive edge upon completion of their studies at Nimbus School of Recording & Media.


Many of our great industry partners help to keep our studios world class and the Nimbus teaching experience utilizing top of the line and innovative gear and know-how. These great relationships are what keep Nimbus on the cutting edge.


In addition to the mentorship provided by Nimbus instructors, many of the experts among our community partners enjoy contributing to the student learning experience. Nimbus holds regular mentor sessions and guest lectures that provide students with networking opportunities and exclusive insight into working in the music industry.