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Located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, Nimbus School of Recording & Media is the elite music and media technical school offering courses taught by current industry professionals, award nominees, and winners in the music industry. Nimbus offers a unique hands-on, small class sized mentorship based programs to get you working on real projects, in real world-class, 24/7 accessible studios, with real music and media experts, right from day one.

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The Legacy

Nimbus School of Recording & Media was established in honour of Jack Richardson C.M. A pioneer and mentor, Jack Richardson C.M. produced over 240 albums, 27 Billboard charted singles, over 20 Billboard charted albums, receiving 38 gold and platinum awards. The Jack Richardson Producer of the Year JUNO Award was named in honour of his impact on the Canadian music scene.

The School

Jack Richardson C.M. mentored his son, GGGarth Richardson and Bob Ezrin who both went on to successful careers as producers. In 2009, GGGarth and Bob Ezrin also partnered with Kevin Williams and Diane Lamb, and all co-founded Nimbus School of Recording & Media. Since first opening its doors, Nimbus sought to do education differently, offering a unique blend of career-focused, hands-on training, experiential learning, collaboration, mentorship from industry leaders, and a focus on interpersonal development and accountability.

The Present

Nimbus is not your normal school. Nimbus offers hands on training in small class sizes, current industry professionals as instructors, exclusive mentorship sessions, networking and collaboration opportunities in real industry settings and 24/7 access to world class studios filled with top of the line gear, in order to optimize every student's learning experience and prepare each for the working world.

The Future

Nimbus equips its students with the skills to produce high quality content in audio engineering, music production, visual storytelling, business and entrepreneurship, artist development, film and game sound design, electronic production and live sound. Even more importantly, Nimbus strives to change lives with music and empower and train the next generation of passionate students to do well at what they love, and to develop and become the best versions of themselves for any industry.

Nimbus School

Our Founders

We created Nimbus because we wanted the next generation of music, media, and content creators to carry on the same tradition of excellence we have worked so hard to build.

That requires a focus not only on the technical skills, but more importantly on the character needed to succeed.

At Nimbus School of Recording & Media, we intentionally keep our classes sizes small, hire only the best industry professionals as your instructors, and provide our students with 24/7 access to the school and studios.

We give you practical assignments that get you working in real-world scenarios whether you are in training in business, audio engineering, music or video production, all so that you can learn hands-on as we prepare you for your future.

We are excited to share our knowledge with you, to push you to become your best, and to help you find an amazing career in the music and media industries.

Bob Ezrin, GGGarth Richardson and Diane Lamb

Nimbus Mission

Nimbus exists to change lives through music. We are passionate about music, mentorship and community. We value excellence and character. We are committed to creating a sense of belonging regardless of race, religion, gender, or orientation to our students, alumni, staff and the larger community. We provide hands-on transfer of knowledge and life-skills from current industry professionals.

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Classes start January 6, 2020

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