November 10, 2020

Hello all,

I am writing to you today regarding a serious issue that I would like to speak with our community – our students, our alumni and our staff – about.

It has come to our attention that there are several negative posts on social media made by three former employees. The posts criticize Nimbus School of Recording & Media regarding our commitment to diversity. We take what is being said very seriously and are committed to addressing the situation in a respectful and collaborative manner.

The world is seeing a long-overdue awakening in support of equality and diversity. I believe that Nimbus can and should be a part of these conversations so that we can be a part of making real change in our school, in our industry and in our communities.

I do want to acknowledge that the comments that were posted on social media came as a surprise to us. It was the first time that we had heard that anyone felt this way about our school. We are proud of the people who come to work here every day and who care so much about our students, our alumni and each other. However, we know that it is crucial to put our very human need to defend ourselves to the side for the moment. We are here to listen, learn and to do better. We are also going to provide the opportunity for input from our students, alumni, staff and former employees.

I want to share what we have done since we were made aware of the criticism just a few days ago.

We are in the process of:

Improvement requires consistent attention and action, and we will ask for input from our stakeholders as we move forward to hold ourselves and the industry accountable – to make positive change in the area of diversity and inclusivity. I want you to hold us accountable too. And please, when we have created positive results, let us know what works.

We are committed to doing better and we hope you will engage with us as we do.

Yours truly,

John Robertson