Meet Olivia Quan

Alumni, teacher and Head Recording Engineer.

Olivia Quan was featured this week in the Georgia Straight showcasing her path from “curious tour manager” to Advanced Audio Engineering student to running the engineering department of one of Vancouver’s best recording studios – Monarch.

We are proud to call Olivia alumni, but also a Teaching Assistant and mentor to aspiring young music aficionados.

Olivia’s journey started with a passion for tour management, but it quickly became apparent to her teachers and peers that she had a talent for audio engineering as a whole.

She transitioned from her tour management program and began Audio Engineering, and has now landed a role as a Head Engineer – where she gets to help create everything from Video Game soundtracks to Podcasting sound design – and also remains on as a Teaching assistant at Nimbus.

In honor of her current success, we dug up an interview we did with Olivia where she let us in on some of the things that make her tick – and why she LOVES getting up at 5:30 am every day.


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