Welcome to Nimbus School of Recording & Media

Located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, Nimbus School of Recording & Media is the elite music and media school offering courses taught by current industry professionals.  Bob Ezrin and GGGarth Richardson believed in the need for a school that would equip students with the industry level skills to support their passion and shape their future in music and media. They created Nimbus School of Recording & Media to honor the legacy of Jack Richardson C.M.  Nimbus offers diploma and certificate programs in audio engineering, music production, video production, post & game audio, live sound, music industry entrepreneurship, and artist development. 

Nimbus Advantage

Nimbus is committed to giving you the best experience possible.

Industry Pros for Instructors

Ongoing mentorship and training by award winners, nominees, established artists and active industry experts offers relevant curriculum.

Hands On Learning

Lessons are built with a career focused, hands-on approach to education to offer more learning by doing rather than textbooks.

Small Class Sizes

Less students per instructor in each class allows more focus on quality instruction and individual learning needs.

Networking & Collaborations

Meet a network of industry professionals in real industry settings and create life-long friendships through collaborations at the school.

Community Building

Opportunities to give back to the local community are made possible through Nimbus events, workshops, high school outreach, and charity work.


Interpersonal skills are taught in exclusive psychology classes offering guidance in self awareness confidence and skills.

Terry Ziehr

Our son has been at Nimbus since August 2016. Everything has been an amazing experience for him. From his initial interview (for which I was present) until now....a year later. Every time we talk or text he is just loving this school. So much so that our son who graduates this year from high school has an interview with Nimbus in the near future. As out of province parents, we couldn't have had a better experience. Knowing that our son has made some amazing friends and loves his teachers (who have tons of experience) has made his transition/experience for us all exceptionally wonderful.

Terry Ziehr


Our Industry Partners

Warner Music Canada
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Classes start January 6, 2020

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