Welcome to Nimbus! We are the elite, hands-on, 24/7, mentorship-based music & media school offering programs in: audio engineering, music production, sound design, video production, music business, live sound, audio post production and more!
What Can You Study At Nimbus? Bob Ezrin - Be Excellent Nimbus co-founder Bob Ezrin talks about the importance of being excellent vs generic. Nimbus Live Sessions Business Class Records Business Class Records Learn about our innovative student-run record label and music business program!

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Welcome to Nimbus!

Welcome to Nimbus! Our unique hands-on, mentorship based programs get you working on real projects, in real studios, with real music and media professionals, right from day one.

Excellence takes practice. This is why we teach our students the same way our co-founders, renowned producersBob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper) and GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro), were taught: hands-on, in real studios, with mentorship from pros. Learn, practice, and perfect your skills with 24/7 access to all of our professional studios and gear.

The Nimbus Advantage:

Diploma & Certificate Programs:

Nimbus offersprograms in a range of specialities including: music production, hip hop production, beat making, post-production sound, video production, advanced audio engineering, recording, mixing and mastering techniques, sound design, live music recording and mixing, touring and artist management, A&R, music marketing, music business and entrepreneurship, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, and much more.

Programs range from 8 months to 16 months, each designed to help you kick-start your dream career as quickly as possible while establishing a strong professional and technical foundation.

In addition to technical training, we also teach you how to be your very best by providing classes in psychology, interpersonal skills and conflict resolution.

Owen Marmorek, Alumnus
Owen Marmorek Nimbus School of Recording Arts Alumni
Nimbus is more than just a school. It is a philosophy, an attitude, a way of life. While my instructors taught me invaluable lessons about recording techniques and technology, they went far beyond all that. Success in the music business isn't really about gear, it's about knowing how to work with people: producers, engineers, assistants, runners, record labels, managers, agents and (most importantly) musicians! Read more...
Ryan Forsythe, Artist, We Hunt Buffalo
We Hunt Buffalo Endorses Nimbus
We are blown away by the caliber of recordings we walked away from Nimbus with. Having recorded with other audio engineering institutions in the past, we can safely say none of them compare to the professionalism of the Nimbus students and faculty.
Steve Bays, Hot Hot Heat vocalist & Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer
Steve Bays Hot Hot Heat
I recently recruited Nimbus student Cam Tatham as an intern. His knowledge and attitude was far beyond what I expected, given that he was only halfway through the course when we first started working together. Read more...
Nicholas Russell, Artist, Mercy Years
Nicholas Russell, Mercy Years
As a recording musician, my experience with the students and facilities at Nimbus has been entirely positive. The combination of eagerness, knowledge and professionalism that Nimbus students are equipped with makes them a joy to work with.
Access to Music Foundation
I want to thank you, your students and the entire Nimbus staff for arranging the recording of last night’s QSONG performance and for arranging a recording session. I am always amazed (but never surprised) by the professional calibre of your students, their willingness to participate in events like these, and their great generosity of spirit, which is no doubt a reflection of your dynamic instructors and the training they receive at Nimbus. At risk and marginalized youth have few opportunities to engage with positive role models. And for many who are so talented, less chances for inspiration where their creativity can be nurtured and flourish. Nimbus has provided such an opportunity. This was the second successful year that Access to Music and Nimbus were able to work together as community partners on the QSONG program. I look forward to working with you again on this and other projects that we deliver to talented youth. Thank you again!   Warm regards, Elka  
St. James Music Academy
St James Music Academy Logo
"Your recent efforts to record our Christmas Concert, and the behind-the-scenes effort you made to bring it about is special to us because you used your talents and resources to help us share our music and vision with even more people. We graciously thank you for your help, and pledge that these recordings will be put to good use inspiring and preparing a generation of young musicians to pursue a lifetime of both personal achievement and community mindedness."
James Goodon, Alumnus
Nimbus has definitely opened doors and been very valuable on my resume. Employers always ask me about Nimbus. I'm very proud to be a part of the Nimbus family!
Chloe Anne Lloyd
I can honestly say that my time at Nimbus was one of the best years of my life. I learned more in one year than I would have expected to learn in five. Not only did I learn how to engineer and produce, I learned how to utilize my time and energy for something I really care about, and all the while having more fun then I ever imagined possible. I am truly amazed at how much it has changed me as an artist and really just as a person. Read more...
Chin Injeti, Artist, Producer/Songwriter for Eminem, 50 Cent, Drake
Chin Injeti Nimbus
I would hire a Nimbus graduate in a heartbeat. There isn't a school out there that equips students for "the real world" the way Nimbus does. In this ever-changing climate of the music industry, Nimbus prepares it's students for what's to come. It's instructors are pros and very relevant to what's happening right now in the industry.
John Lindsay, Alumnus
I went to school for audio in the UK for 3 years and worked in a studio for two years before I came to Nimbus. I found myself constantly under prepared for what was needed in order to succeed in the music industry as a recording engineer. When I came for an interview at Nimbus one of the things that struck me as being the most interesting was the sense of community and family among students and mentors. Read more...
Chris Shaw, Producer/Engineer for Bob Dylan, Public Enemy, Jeff Buckley
Chris Shaw Nimbus
Nimbus students are focused and professional. It's no wonder, given the high calibre of its instructors and facilities. I'd much rather work with an assistant with a Nimbus degree than from the other over-priced / over-hyped schools out there. They just seem to know how the studio operates in the real world.
Being a student at Bob and Garth's school Nimbus, I was lucky enough to be chosen to help out on the main day of tracking. (Young Artists for Haiti at the Warehouse Studios).   Let me just say what an experience it was, definitely something I will never forget. The song sounds dope and I wish these organization(s) all the best! NIMBUS baby!!
John Fluevog, Owner Vogville Recording
Vogville Recording
Why have other grads when the Nimbus ones are the best this town has to offer.
Dustin Lionhart III, Rude City Riot
Dustin Lionhart III, Rude City Riot
As far as I know our record “Nothin’ But Time” was the first full length to be primarily recorded and produced at Nimbus. It was done so by none other than Nimbus Professor Alex “Condor” Aligizakis. With his tremendous talent, the state of the art facility, and enthusiasm of the students, our experience was fantastic. The record sounds world class thanks to everyone at Nimbus.
Erin Penzes, E.Ed., M.A., Dean, Division of Adult Development at Medicine Hat College
I want you to know how much of a difference your program has made. Clayton is so happy it is unbelievable. He told me that only about 5% of what he is doing ever feels like work. He is a completely different young man than the kid who left home last August. Read more...
Katie Schaeffers, Producer, Khatsahlano Music & Arts Festival
Khatsahlano Festival Nimbus Partner
Thanks so much for providing us with such awesome volunteers.  They were incredible and a great addition to the festival.  We’d love to work with you guys again!  Please pass on our thanks to the whole gang.
 - Katie Schaeffers, Producer, Khatsahlano Festival
This is what school should be like! Their learning is done as if it is in an actual work environment. Their projects are to be completed as if they were handing them to an employer not a teacher. Very valuable… very, very valuable. And what the industry demands.
George Gorton, Production Designer, Loud Entertainment Design Group Inc.
George Gorton Production Designer, Loud Entertainment Design Group Inc. Nimbus
Nimbus holds a very special place in my heart, it has nurtured and supported a vibrant exhilarating group of talented musical minds in a way that is tremendously positive and inspiring. It has become a staple contributing member to the local music scene and a well known, respected organization in Vancouver and across the country. Read more...
Nolan Gladu, Alumnus
After spending the majority of my life in construction I made up my mind that life is too short to be content trapped in the rat race, waking up annoyed every day to go to a job you only ever did for money and necessity rather than enjoyment. Music has always been, and always will be, my biggest passion. I decided to make a change. The decision to attend Nimbus has been one of my best to date. To my knowledge there are no other schools like it. It's a fact that the best way to learn anything is to physically do it. At Nimbus you don't sit at desks in stuffy classrooms learning how to 'theoretically do things' out of books. Instead you are situated in a professional recording environment where you are able to put to use the theory you are taught immediately after learning it. There is no better way to learn. Read more...
Chris Witoski, Singer/Songwriter
Chris Witoski, Singer/Songwriter Nimbus School of Recording Arts
I was lucky enough to have the experience of recording vocals and guitars for both splitTRACT and Chris Witoski Band with Instructor Alex “Condor” Aligizakis and his group of students at Nimbus. I can honestly say it was one of the most fun and rewarding sessions I have ever had. Big props to this amazing studio and its staff, Thank you all so much.
Nimbus is simply the best school there is. If you're interested in classrooms of 30, little to no hands on instruction, and a dated curriculum then Nimbus is not the place for you. The professionalism of my instructors far exceeds all expectation. Instruction and learning is very approachable with the hands on method of teaching in a small classroom environment (the max is 8 per class). Not to mention the one on one interaction and instruction from industry professionals Read more...
Sadie Campbell, Singer/Songwriter
Sadie Campbell Singer/Songwriter
I have had the pleasure of working at Nimbus a few times, and always leave excited, inspired and SO happy with the way the songs transform from start to finish.  Having the students be a part of the recording process brings an untarnished, positive energy to the room and a certain magic to the songs.  I would recommend Nimbus to ANYONE that has an open mind and wants to see their songs come out the best they can be.
BESTiE Vancouver Band Endorses Nimbus Recording
We just wanted to say thank you very much for all the hard work and late nights/days/nights put in by your students during the Peak Performance Project Bootcamp. We would especially like to thank Hollywood (Johnny?) who was assisting during our sessions with Jeff Dawson. He was helpful and on point the entire time. He made our jobs easier and us feel welcome from the start. Thanks, BESTiE
Ric Arboit, President, Nettwerk Records
Nettwerk Records
If I were 30 years younger and looking for a musical education in Vancouver, Nimbus would be my first visit. The energy in the building is truly inspiring. I just love the vibe in there. Hats off to Nimbus.
Dave Schiffman, Producer/Mixer/Engineer for Johnny Cash, Sheryl Crow, Weezer
Dave Schiffman Producer
Nimbus teaches their students that making records is more than a job, it’s a passion and an attitude. To be successful you must eat, sleep and drink recording. Nimbus is the only school that instils those beliefs because the founders are still doing it every day. If I am ever in a situation where I need to take on help, Nimbus would be one of the first places I would reach out to.
Siskiyou Recommends Nimbus
"Alex was a huge asset to the team, and our producer Leon Taheny couldn't say enough about how awesome he was. He knew what to do when, was really technically competent, great under pressure, reliable and punctual. He was consistently kind, mellow and a great all around person to work with. We couldn't have asked for a better intern for the record, and the final product wouldn't be the same without all his help and resourcefulness Thank you to everyone at Nimbus!"
Joe Barresi, Producer/Mixer/Engineer for Tool, Wolfmother, Queens Of The Stone Age
Joe Barresi Producer Nimbus School of Recording Arts
I’ve learned so much about making records from working with GGGarth Richardson that having him as a mentor at the Nimbus School of Recording Arts is surely an amazing experience and an invaluable aid to a proper understanding of the art of record making and production. His knowledge of the music business is real – not read in a book. It’s the best education one can offer a student. Read more...